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The Cornerstone Series: American Made Handguards & Quality You Can Trust

Cornerstone Series Handguard
Photo by Jason Schaller/The Rogue Banshee

Are You Flirtin’ With Disaster with Inferior, Foreign-Made AR Handguards?

The Problem: Handguards Coming in From Who Knows Where

“Hot as a two-dollar pistol” can be used to describe a handguard made from inferior raw materials with poor quality control. “Tough as a nickel steak” illustrates the Customer experience of trying to replace or obtain a refund for that rail… especially when it’s made overseas. No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on inventory, and then find out they’re stuck with something that isn’t up to their Customers’ standards. Even the chickens under the porch know that!

The Solution: American-Made Handguards and Quality You Can Trust

Cornerstone Series Handguard

Today’s AR handguard market demands quality and “import” pricing. Bowden Tactical’s CORNERSTONE Series AR15 free float rails check those boxes and more! Made and shelf stocked in Ohio and available for immediate shipment, you’ll find four lengths with two tops, and eight SKUs total, all priced between (MSRP) $84.95 to $103.95.

Import-like prices. 
Produced in America. 
You can hang your hat on it!

What Are You Waiting For?

We’re as serious as the business end of a .45. CORNERSTONE Series AR15 handguards are arguably the best value in running-line, US-Made free-float rails. Put ‘em on your shelves and see for yourself. Be smart as a hooty owl.

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