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the right handguard for your brand

The Best Way to Differentiate Your AR is With a Custom Handguard Choose a Design Option That Fits Your Needs


American-made quality at an import price. The AR*chitect AR15 Cornerstone Series handguards are designed to be a slim, light, low-cost alternative to foreign sourced handguards.


The AR*chitect Foundation Series is designed to compete with the functionality of any premium handguard on the market today. Anti-rotation tabs ensure a clean fit with either forged or billet uppers and steel fasteners make this an outstanding value. 


With the AR-chitect® Elevation Series, we offer the simplest and most cost-effective method to differentiate your ARs through truly custom handguards. You can choose from any one of up to 30,000 custom configurations. 


With the AR*chitect Signature Series, we bring your design to life by crafting your own proprietary handguard. For just under $2,500 for the engineering cost and a low 50-piece minimum, it’s the most affordable way to have a creation all your own. 

What It's Like to Create Your Own Signature AR Design

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