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Signature Series Handguards

Proprietary Handguards

With the AR*chitect Signature Series, we bring your design to life by crafting your own proprietary AR handguard. For just under $2,500 for the engineering cost and a low 50-piece minimum, it’s the most affordable way to have a creation all your own. 

Design Your Own Rail

The sky is the limit! We can start from a cocktail napkin sketch or a fully engineered CAD model

3 Stages to the Process

1. Preliminary Design - We’ll work with your ideas to build the 3D model and send you screen shots to approve.

2. Production Sample -  Once the Preliminary Design is approved, we’ll make one for you and get it in your hands. We won’t start into production until you love your design. 

3. Initial Production - Once the Production Sample is approved, we’ll run get the first run completed. Our low 50-piece minimum can be spread over up to 3 sizes when we get started. After that, we’ll ship with 10-piece minimum releases per size.

Ready to Take Your Next Step?

What Can A Signature AR Design Do For Your Company?