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AirRail handguards

the Lightest Aircraft-grade Aluminum AR15 Handguards on the Market!

Are you looking for something to set your brand apart from the competition? Or maybe you’re seeking a way to increase sales and profits? Custom handguards can take the look of your AR from generic to outstanding!

Do you have a Custom design idea you want to bring to life?  The AirRail can be customized to give you the look you want and the feel you need.

We believe that “Lighter is Better”, and the new AR AirRail handguards prove it! 

  • AirRail weighs in at less than 6 oz. (for the 15” length).
  • It’s crafted with T6061 aircraft aluminum and includes a 6061 aluminum
    barrel nut.
  • Two dynamic designs are available in full flat top or competition top.
  • Available in 13” or 15” lengths.

AirRail AR15 Handguard


The Lightest Aircraft-grade Aluminum AR Handguards on the Market!

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The AirRail Series is our newest entry in the AR*chitect program. Our Engineering Team has combined a bolt-on design with strength and durability to produce a handguard that weighs less than 6oz (15″ length)! AirRail is available in two off-the-shelf designs (STANDARD and MLok), two lengths (13″ and 15″) and two tops (Full Flat Top and Competition). A pre-heat treated 6061 aluminum barrel nut and fastening hardware is included. AirRail is also available as part of our Custom Design or OEM programs.

MLok or Standard

MLok, Standard

Full Flat Top or Competition

Competition, Full Flat Top (FFT)

AirRail Length

13", 15"


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