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About Bowden Tactical

Bowden Tactical Started as a Wish List

The gun community was wishing and hoping for a difficult combination of...

✔ Parts Made in the USA
✔ Parts that Function Properly
✔ Parts that Look Cool
✔ Prices that Don't Break the Bank

In 2006, Bowden Tactical turned that wish list into a reality.

We started as a handful of gun enthusiasts at Bowden Manufacturing doing contract work to produce Handguards and Buffer Tubes for a bunch of OEM suppliers. Today, we have become a growing source of affordable AR-platform accessories that are now available in locations across the country.

From fully customizable Handguards and Muzzle Brakes with our Signature Series to our AR10 & AR15 AR*chitect products, we’ve got the parts for both OEM builders and local retailers. Our Team continues our goal to provide high-quality, American-Made products at prices competitive with imports. We want AR Builders (we call them AR*chitects!) to have affordable options and plenty of support to build or upgrade the gun they’ve always wanted. 

Meet the Team

Bowden Tactical Team and Their Favorite Part of Their Job

Andy McCartney


I love seeing businesses transform once they establish a signature look for their AR’s with one of our designs!

Rick Beren

Rick Beren

VP Sales

Starting a conversation with a business owner, identifying their product needs, and developing a plan for mutual success. Finding Common Ground and developing a plan for mutual success. Launching the relationship and being part of the customers achievement of their goal- More business and more profit.

Daniel Chrzanowski


I enjoy keeping customers informed with the most up to date information about their orders. I especially enjoy pulling/assembling an order for someone I’ve communicated with personally.

Randy Holbrooks, Jr.


Being able to help customers take their vision from a napkin to an actual part in their hands.

Nate Tompkin


Taking something from an idea into a physcial part that you can hold.

Daniel Morrison

QA Manager

Quality begins and ends with you. Both turning and milling, our entire Bowden Tactical team works to promote quality products on and off the manufacturing floor. As the Quality Manager, I am here to assure your product is made correctly and efficiently; and to address the root causes of your concerns. My excitement is to supply quality products, made to customers satisfaction, and deliver on time.

Myra Schltz

Customer Service

So fun to order parts, label them, and place into inventory. Knowing it is done right excites me the most.