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Want to Have the Coolest AR Pistol at the Range without Breaking the Bank?!?

AR-V MP5 Clone

Want to Have the Coolest AR Pistol at the Range without Breaking the Bank?!?

Have Your AR Stand Out At The Range

These days, it’s virtually impossible to tell one AR15 pistol from another.

You can find many different styles of braces, and furniture attachments will help separate the men from the boys. The biggest difference maker is the handguard. That’s where the action is! 

Finding The Perfect Handguard For Your Customers

Flashing the coolest pistol at the range that also comes with an affordable price tag isn’t easy. 

The barrel length and handguard length need to work together. 

Space for attaching your favorite toys has to be there. 

It is hard to find the perfect handguard to fit all of your Customers’ various needs!

AR-V MP5 Clone

The Solution: The Bowden Tactical AR-V Handguard

The Bowden Tactical AR-V (MP5 clone) handguard checks all the boxes! We start with T-6 6061 American-sourced aluminum, add a 4140 steel barrel nut, and finish it with Black hard coat anodizing. Mix in 4.25”, 5”, or 7” lengths. A 1.25” ID allows you to swallow most smaller muzzle devices. Add a full Picatinny Rail across the top where you can load up your favorite optics, lights, or laser, and BOOMyou have a sleek, stylish American-made pistol high on functionality and low on cost.

Check out our best-selling AR-V (MP5 clone) handguard!

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