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Signature Series Story: Bexar Arms

Signature Series Handguards: Bexar Arms

Check out the story from BEXAR Arms, one of our Signature Series Handguard customers, and see how they got to craft their own proprietary AR handguards for their customers!

Looking For a Custom Solution For Your AR Handguards?

With the Bowden Tactical Signature Series, bring your design to life by crafting your own proprietary AR handguard! For a one-time Engineering fee of $2495.00 and a low 50-piece minimum, it’s the most affordable way to have a creation all your own. That’s exactly what Phillip Kimm, President of BEXAR Arms in Texas, was looking for. We are proud to partner with him to make his design a reality!

Phillip was seeking a manufacturer of AR products that would produce a custom handguard to his precise specifications. The combination of low MOQs per size and minimal Engineering fees made his decision easy.

"The problem that was able to be solved is having an OEM solution that met my exact criteria with the exact features I was looking for. No other handguard company who was willing to work with me could get me the exact handguard that I wanted with the features that I wanted."

Bexar rifle

Creating the BEXAR Arms Signature Series Handguard

We know you want to get your handguard into production as quickly as possible. That’s why we make it a priority to provide a fast turnaround time on your design.  Here are the 3 stages of the process:

  1. Preliminary Design – We’ll work with your ideas to build the 3D model and send you screenshots to approve.
  2. Production Sample –  Once the Preliminary Design is approved, we’ll produce a physical sample and get it in your hands. We won’t start production until you love your design!
  3. Initial Production – Our low 50-piece minimum can be spread over 3 sizes.  The initial release must be a minimum of 25 pieces.  After that, we’ll ship with 10-piece minimum releases. 

"The development process was pretty easy, and making revisions as my business grew and as I learned more was pretty straightforward as well. The ability to make slight changes to the handguards when placing new orders has been most helpful in bringing the best product possible to my customers."

Bexar rifle

Bring Your Signature Handguard Design to Life!

The partnership between BEXAR Arms and Bowden Tactical is a great example of how to use a Signature Series design. Customize your own handguard and set yourself apart in the crowded market of AR builders. We’re honored to partner with Phillip and other armorers and firearms retailers as they continue to advance the rapidly expanding shooting sports industry! Here’s how partnering with Bowden Tactical has made a difference for BEXAR Arms:

"By having my own handguard solution, it becomes a recognizable and differentiating feature that helps my product visually stand out from the crowd. If I was forced to use an off-the-shelf design, I believe it would be much harder for me and my products to be noticed in a market that is flooded with similar looking products.”

Bexar rifle

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