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Dry Fire Training Systems

dry firing systems

One of the biggest crazes of the last couple of years has been dry fire training systems and trigger resetting systems, that allow you to train without ammo. With the price of ammo and the availability also being an issue a dry fire training system starts to look pretty good.

If you own a gun store with or without a Range you should really consider selling these dry fire training systems. With the price and non-availability of ammo, folks are looking for ways to continue to train without spending their kid’s college funds to do it. We have been using the Mantis X10 dry fire system along with the Blackbeard trigger resetting mechanism for the AR15 platform rifles. Check out the Mantis line of products.

Mantis X10 Dry Firing System

Why You Need To Try This Product

Mantis has several apps in the app store or apple store for your phone. You will need a phone or a laptop with a camera for the Mantis laser academy training. But the standard X10 just needs a smartphone or laptop with the Mantis X app. The laser academy requires the Mantis laser academy app.

The Blackbeard comes with an optional red or green laser that projects down the barrel and can be on all the time or activated with every hammer fall. A nice bore sighting feature as well as a training tool. I found the laser to be pretty accurate with the actual bullets’ point of impact. It was well within a couple of inches. You will need the laser option for the laser academy app and the new simulation app coming soon ( more on that in a minute ). 

Cost Efficient and Innovative

With a cost of $450 to $500 for the Mantis X trainer and Blackbeard trigger reset system, it is a decently priced system for what you get. A day at the range can cost you that much in ammo at today’s prices. If you just want the Mantis X for training you can be in for about $250 and your smartphone or laptop. 

Mantis continues to innovate new products and is currently working on trigger resetting mags for most of today’s most popular pistols. I am told by my sources within the company that they are currently working on a training scenario system that projects off your phone and will turn the world of dry fire training systems on its ear. 

Check out our video showing the features of the full Mantis X10 system!

Be safe shoot straight and have fun ( this trainer is a lot of fun, kinda like a video game for gun guys

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