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Gain More Sales By Asking Your Customers Simple Questions

Questions to ask to increase sales

Asking questions of your customers can give you additional sales and insight into who they are and what they want to spend their money on.

Inform Them Of Sale Items

Ask them if they might be interested in your daily/weekly/monthly sales items. Something small within reach of the final sales point. Gun, oil, scope cover, multi-tool, etc.

Use general conversation questions about what type of activities they like to engage in as it relates to the products you sell. Doing this allows you to look inside the person and can target your sales approach from there.

Questions to ask to increase sales

Get a Feel for Their Other Interests

Ask upselling questions to sell add-ons to the original sale. If they just bought a new gun, a cleaning kit may be the perfect upsell. Maybe a new scope or sling for that sweet new hunting rifle would catch their attention, or how about a tripod for that hog hunting rifle they just bought. Asking questions like these will surely increase your sales as they are likely already thinking about other purchases related to their current purchase.

Questions to ask to increase sales

Save The Customer Some Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? Offer them a membership in your “insiders club” for the price of an email address they get special emails and deals that save them money. But you have to do the work and offer them exclusive deals that only that group gets with perhaps a special code or customer number.

Questions to ask to increase sales

Here is an article from tactical retailer that expands on these thoughts and is a quick read. Add more to your bottom line with simple questions, it’s really that easy.

Be safe shoot straight and have fun!

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