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Signature Series: Adaptive Defense Armory

Signature Series Handguard Blog

Adaptive Defense Armory is one of our new Signature Series customers, see how we helped them bring their own signature lightweight handguard to life!

Are you looking for a custom design solution for your AR handguards and accessories? With the Bowden Tactical Signature Series, you can develop your own proprietary handguard with low engineering fees and only a 50-piece minimum order. 

How Adaptive Defense Armory Was Founded

How Adaptive Defense Armory Was Founded

Adaptive Defense Armory LLC. Owner Michael Lake has been involved in a variety of shooting activities since 1989. As a junior competitor, Michael scored in the top 10% in the nation in high-power rifle competitions. He has received training from the US Army Marksmanship Unit, the US Marine Corps Rifle Team, and some of the finest private training facilities in the nation. 

Since 2010, he has been a firearms instructor teaching everything from concealed carry to long-range rifles. Currently, he runs the Northern New Mexico training company Adaptive Defense Concepts LLC. He is also a staff instructor at Badlands Tactical in Grandfield, Oklahoma. 

Michael is currently a contractor for the US Department of Energy managing Firearms and Explosives Safety in Los Alamos, New Mexico, as well as being a Research and Development Armorer.

Adaptive Defense Armory Handguard Design

Build Process

Being an Armorer, Michael Lake had a clear picture in his mind of how he wanted his own handguards to look and function. His handguard design combines several beneficial features that will be standard on the Adaptive Defense Armory Carbines to be released later this summer. 

These carbines will feature mid-length gas systems and barrel-mounted folding front sights. Mounting back-up sights on handguards takes up valuable “real estate.” This is especially on carbines equipped with laser illumination and aiming modules. Barrel-mounted sights offer better accuracy potential, any flexing of the handguard won’t deflect the line of sight away from the bore of the free-floating barrel. 

Adaptive Defense Armory Specifications

To keep the handguard slim and lightweight, the majority of the handguard is configured with Mlok sections. Picatinny rail sections extend around the front sight on the sides and bottom to facilitate “throw-lever” flashlight mounting and move them as far forward as possible to reduce shadowing. 

There are quick detach sling mount jacks on the left and right sides of the handguard. This means no need for add-on rail sections or sling jacks and no rail screws to loosen.  The bottom Picatinny rail allows the attachment of bipods with throw-lever mounts without interfering with vertical foregrips.

If you’re ready to set your ARs apart from the pack start designing your own signature handguard

Truly Signature Designs Reimagined from the Ground Up

The partnership between Adaptive Defense Armory and Bowden Tactical exemplifies just how unique you can make a Signature Series design. Start designing your own signature handguard to set yourself apart in the market of AR builders. We’re honored to partner with Michael and other armorers and firearms retailers as they continue to advance our awesome shooting sports industry!

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