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Five Questions To Add 20% To Your Bottom Line

Tactical Blog questions to increase bottom line

You Can’t Stay in Business Without Sales.

Everything eventually comes down to numbers and your bottom line. The more you close and the higher value per cart makes a substantial difference on whether you can chug along without worry, or feel like you are just scraping by. 

Not only that, but if you aren’t selling a lot of American-made products, the global supply chain has not been very kind recently. On top of that, we have supply chain issues with current inflation rates and, now more than ever, if your business isn’t financially stable you’ll certainly wish it was.

Every potential customer is valuable and becomes even more valuable over time. Therefore, maximize every customer interaction by training your employees to ask these important questions (source: Hunting Retailer):

1. “Can I interest you in special savings on our daily/weekly special today?”

Always have a cheap and practical upsell item available at checkout. Every $10 extra in sales adds up. As you rotate the sale item each day or week you’ll quickly see what items are moving. Watch what sells and adjust accordingly, try different price points and products until you hit the sweet spot.

2. “Now that you’ve bought a _____________, can I take just a minute with you to look at a scope/cover/case/ammunition/cleaning kit/warranty/maintenance contract/any important accessory that you will need for your new purchase?”

Here is your chance to cross-sell or sell them the items that are practical to go with their purchase that they are likely to need anyhow. Did they buy a gun? Sell them a case and oil. If it is a new handguard… what about a foregrip or new sight?

To become natural at selling this way takes time and training but the dividends are massive. This approach when executed well can earn you a 20% increase by itself. Many of the items you will cross-sell they are likely to need anyway so they might as well buy them from you.  

3. “What is your phone number and email address?”

If you are providing quality customer service and giving a simple incentive, building a phone and email list should be fairly quick. Newsletters and text promotions can be an excellent way to drum up business and lead buyers back to your website where additional digital sales can take place.

4. “Where else do you like to shop/eat/patronize in [your town name]?”

Learning more about your customers is always useful as it helps you cater your service and offerings to better serve them. Are they bargain shoppers or high ticket spenders? Local or just passing through? Every bit of information helps. 

This info is also useful in looking to partner with other local businesses. Co-marketing can be a great way to reach markets you don’t regularly interact with or engage with. Creating unique experiences and having your brand be seen in multiple places can increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

5. “Would you like to save 10% on your purchase of [item] today?”

THIS is the one to remember if nothing else. 

It is the meat and potatoes of these questions. Alongside #3 this is how you create loyalty and trust with only a small percentage of the first sale. 10% off is your ticket for getting customers’ information and gratitude. Who doesn’t want to save on their purchase? If those savings then turn into more discounts and relevant news via a newsletter or occasional sales letter you now have a loyal fan base. 

To learn more about these 5 questions and how to implement the strategies outlined above visit Hunting Retailer for the full article.

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