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Elevation Series: TGC Outdoors

TGC tactical

Check out the story from TGC Outdoors, one of our Elevation Series customers, to see how they got a custom lightweight handguard to offer their customers!

Are you looking for a custom solution for your AR handguards? With the Bowden Tactical Elevation Design, you can customize your own handguard with no engineering fees and only a 25-piece minimum order. That’s exactly what Josh Gregory, owner of TGC Outdoors was looking for. We are proud to partner with his range to make his design a reality!

Josh was seeking a manufacturer of AR products that could produce a custom handguard to his design specifications. The ability to customize his own handguard without any fees made Bowden Tactical the ideal choice. Between low MOQ’s per size and zero engineering fees, his decision was easy.

Check out the TGC Outdoors Elevation Series story, and start designing if you’re ready to set your ARs apart from the pack.

Creating the TGC Outdoors Elevation Series

We know you want to get your handguard to production as fast as possible. That’s why we make it a priority to have a fast turnaround time on your design. Then you can approve it and we take it to the shop! Here are the four simple steps:

  • Select your model: AR10 or AR15
  • Select your length: AR10 (13” or 15”), AR15 (7”, 10”, 13” or 15”)
  • Choose Your Features and Submit Entry
  • Receive Rendering for Approval within 2 Business Days

Choose From Over 1 Million Combinations to Bring Your Handguard Designs to Life

The partnership between TGC Outdoors and Bowden Tactical is a great example of how to use an Elevation Series design. Customize your own handguard to set yourself apart in the crowded market of AR builders. We’re honored to partner with Josh and other armorers and firearms retailers as they continue to advance our awesome shooting sports industry!

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