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New Competition Updates for Our AR Angled Foregrip

New and Improved Angled Foregrip

We wanted to give you a look at our newly improved angled foregrip. This is our direct M-lock mount, all-aluminum angled foregrip. Here are some of the top features:

  • Only three-quarters of an inch wide
  • Weighs about three ounces
  • Less than two inches tall

All together it is lightweight and unobtrusive.

AR15 Angled Foregrip Comparison

Foregrip Mounting

With our foregrips, there are no extra Picatinny sections needed as it mounts directly to your handguard. While at shot show we met some guys who were using our angled foregrip during competitive shooting. They had some feedback for us about the foregrip and gave us some constructive criticism. We always love constructive criticism, and we take it to heart because we always want our product to be the best that it can be. And we’re willing to make changes if it makes sense.

Angled Foregrips in Competition Shooting

The problems they ran into were that the guys using these in competition, were coming up against a barricade stop, and because of the rear sloping angle, their ARs were actually sliding up off of the barricade, so they asked for a hook in the front and a little hook to lock your finger in. That way when you come up against a barricade, your rifle stops instead of sliding off.

QDSM Mount

The one other thing they said would be really cool was if there was a QDSM in the back of this. And we thought you know, that would be cool. Now you don’t need an extra QDSM mount and attachment for your gun. The new enhanced angle foregrip from Bowden Tactical coming soon! They’re out being anodized now.

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