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How To Turn The New Generation Into Customers

Believe it or not, the first GEN Z members are now 25 years old, and millennials are pushing 40 ( good lord I feel old). Are you marketing to them? You should be. But you have to remember that they buy differently than their parents and grandparents did.

These generations rely heavily on technology as they have grown up with it. Some have never known a time without an internet-connected device in their pockets. This customer group relies heavily on social media influencers to tell them what is good and what is not. Their tastes are different as they want “that gun” they always use when playing Call Of Duty online with their buddies. They want that Citadel 12 gauge, not a Colt 1911.

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These generations are said to account for 3.25 billion dollars in spending in 2021. They are not looking at cost but at the quality and that endorsement from their favorite YouTuber or Instagram personality. Make sure you’re watching what those guys and gals are pushing.

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They have no problem with the in-store buying experience but only after thoroughly researching the product and you and your store. Make sure your online presence openly welcomes them in your front door. 

For a little more in-depth on this subject here is a quick 5 minute read from Tactical Retailer about how to convert these prospects into customers.

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