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Your Website Speaks Volumes About Your Business

when did you last update your website

Your website is the single biggest representation of your business there is.

As more and more commerce is done online it becomes an ever-increasingly bigger part of it daily. Factor into that the stat that says a vast majority of consumers check out your website before they step foot in your brick and mortar store, you’ll want to make sure your website is top-notch. As you’ll see later that can make or break the sale.

“Little things” can make all the difference

Updating your gallery, fixing broken links, blogging with intention, and often, making sure pricing and inventory are current. These things are all small individually but can easily ruin a potential customer’s experience. A tip from us about blogging, give the customer something of value for free. This can be applied far beyond blogs as well. Good helpful information doesn’t cost you a thing and helps your customer to trust you that much more. Trust is the cornerstone for any sale, especially so for repeat sales.

There are some things with websites that are unavoidable

These are things you need to be doing. This article from Shooting Sports Retailer gives 13 tips to modernize and enhance your website. As a consumer when I am looking for an item and I go to a hard-to-navigate website with broken links or little or no pictures, you can pretty much bet I am going to move on. First impressions are HUGE. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by driving people away before they even step foot in your store.

You can miss out on sales because your website is old and outdated. Set aside time once or twice a week to work with it. The returns will more than pay for your time.

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