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Let’s Talk Selling Lights & Lasers

Lasers and Lights on handguards

Lights and Lasers: your customers are going to buy one, they might as well get it from you.

Helpful tips for selling light/laser combos

A light/laser combo is one of the first upgrades that most shooters do to their PDW AR pistol. These combos give the shooter a tactical advantage of being able to see in lights out situations, blind their assailant temporarily, and acquire the target with a laser even from a non-traditional shooting position. There are a lot of laser/light combos on the market – but your customers should want to purchase theirs from you. Here’s how to appeal to your tactical customers.

With choices under $100 to well over $1000 there are models to fit every shooters needs. Make sure you carry several options. As with most things, the vast majority of sales will come from that lower to middle-tier level. But always make sure you have the higher-tier stuff for true operators and our friends in law enforcement who will always spend for top-notch equipment.

Even if you’re just a manufacturer selling built AR rifles, use some lights and lasers in your photography for marketing purposes to give your visuals some flash. It never hurts to let the customer see what it could look like with a few upgrades, even if you don’t personally offer them.  

A couple laser/light setups

So jump on board the light/laser train and give your customer the options to outfit their upgrades right through you. They are going to do it anyways, so you might as well capitalize on the sale!

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