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National Shooting Sports Month

shooting sports month

With August comes the 5th annual National Shooting Sports Month. Whatever your flavor, August is our month. Target shooting, Long range shooting, trap and skeet, 3 gun and, of course, the most participated in sport in shooting, Hunting. Get out there and celebrate our heritage and our love of all things shooting!

National Shooting Sports Month Sponsored by the NSSF

As business owners and managers in the shooting sports industry, we have to stay active in the organizations that promote our sport to the masses. The NSSF has a host of membership options for small businesses in our industry. Starting at $100, most small business will stay well under the $1,000 mark for an annual membership. The host of benefits from membership are too many too list here. Check out the membership and benefits structure here.

Are You a Member of the NSSF?

Whether you own a firearms manufacturing business, a Mom and Pop gun store, or a retail gun range, the NSSF has a package that can benefit you. Being part of any organization that promotes our sport is never a bad thing. Especially one with as extensive a reach as the NSSF. We are proud to be members and we challenge everyone in our industry to join with us.

Above is a quick link to the join the portal. Look around and see what your membership can bring you. We think you will come to the same decision that we did a few years ago that joining was a no brainer. As a member, the NSSF will promote your events through their social calendar and provide you with a free promotional start up package. 

Jim at the Annual NSSF Show

Also check out the +1 initiative this year and look at the fun ways to get folks involved at your gun range or retail business. Challenging all of us to get one new person started into our sport. As part of it we are giving away T-shirts to folks who send us pics of their +1 at the range, in the field, or enjoying the shooting sports in any way. Giveaways are great way to get folks to participate. Who doesn’t like a little free swag? If your swag is branded to your company, it’s free promotion. A win-win for everyone.

Looking forward to see all of you in a few months in Vegas at the SHOT show, if we don’t see you at a show in between!

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