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Elevation Series: One-of-a-Kind Handguards

elevation series

With the AR*chitect Elevation Series, Bowden Tactical offers the simplest and most cost-effective method for OEMs to differentiate their ARs through truly custom handguards.

Fully Customizable Rails Designed by You and Engineered by the Experts!

It’s 2021. Time for something new and something unique to you and your brand. That’s why we’ve elevated the handguard game. The AR*chitect® Elevation Series is the only high-quality
custom handguard solution on the market that caters to both individuals (coming soon!!) and our OEM customers.

This is an opportunity to start building your own brand with minimal capital investment:

  • No Engineering fees, saving you an initial investment upwards of $3,000
  • Your choice of model and handguard size. Include the patented retention system and engraving of your logo.
  • Pay nothing until inventory is ready to ship.
  • If that design doesn’t sell quick enough, change it! Still no engineering fee.

Ready to Build Your Own Handguard & Sell Them to Your Customers?

Here’s how it works:

  • Select your model: AR10 or AR15
  • Select your length: AR10 (13” or 15”), AR15 (7”, 10”, 13” or 15”)
  • Choose Your Features and Submit Entry
  • Receive Rendering for Approval within 2 Business Days!

Our Elevation Series handguards are an extremely lightweight design that competitive shooters desire. Each handguard comes with a steel barrel nut and all hardware. We’ve also got either a raw production option available to allow Cerakote application. If multiple sizes are ordered, we’ll maintain shelf stock for you. This provides “Just In Time” inventory and helps you manage your cash flow (minimal initial inventory draw required).

Rick Beren, Vice President – Sales, Bowden Tactical
Just a few of our customization options
Over a Million Design Feature Combinations | Designed & Made in the US | Retail Packaging Available

Who else can offer you high-quality, US produced, high margin handguards with your own brand?

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