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Signature Series: Grendel Hunter

Grendel Hunter

With the AR*chitect Signature Series, we will bring your designs to life by crafting your own unique Handguards. Check out the story from Grendel Hunter, one of our Signature Series customers!

Get us anything from a cocktail napkin to a Solidworks design and we’ll give you a Signature look that will set your ARs apart from the crowd. That’s exactly what Andy Hobein, owner of Grendel Hunter, was looking for back in 2017.

Back in April of 2017, Andy Hobein saw a Facebook post from Marksmen for Vets that had Bowden Tactical tagged as the provider of the donated Handguard for that build. After quickly checking us out online, he soon ended up talking with us about AR Parts.

That was the beginning of a very positive partnership that saw Andy go from building rifles in his living room, to his garage in Wisconsin, into a retail space, and finally to building a new house with attached retail space and a shooting/testing range!

Check out the Grendel Hunter Signature Series story, and reach out if you’re ready to set your ARs apart.

Creating the Grendel Hunter Signature Series

Andy flew out for a visit in June of 2017 and finalized the Grendel Hunter Signature Series design, easily one of the most popular designs in our displays at trade shows (including the SHOT Show). It’s very light and the sloping front looks very cool. In recent years, he’s added another, similar style of handguard and his Signature Look also includes a matching Muzzle Brake.

This past year, when parts availability was challenging, we worked with Andy to begin producing Billet Uppers for his builds. Moreover, feedback continues to be critical to us as we strive to bring high quality and solid workmanship to the market in each product we produce.

Here’s what he has to say about the partnership:

The industry has been good to me. But it’s 100% true that my partnership with the right companies should be largely credited with my not failing. When I chose Satern for barrels, there were two other companies I was considering. One no longer exists and the other is poor quality. I got lucky.

Ready to Set Yourself Apart in a Crowded Market?

The Partnership between Grendel Hunter and Bowden Tactical is an example of the opportunity that can be created to use a Signature Series design to set yourself apart in the crowded market of AR builders. We’re excited to support smaller OEM builders like Andy and Grendel Hunter as they live out their dream to work in the firearms industry, doing what they love to do!

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