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American Made AR10 & AR15 Parts

Ask Yourself, "What Would Duck Norris Do?


All the AR Parts Needed to Support Your AR Builders

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Now you can give them what they want without spending too much money, time, or square footage.

The Patriot Display from Bowden Tactical is a game-changer for owners who are looking to stock their store with high-quality, American-made AR15 parts and accessories. Whether you love the AR platform or not, your customers are looking for ways to build or upgrade their rifles. Many people cannot afford the higher-end, completed rifles but they can afford to buy the parts and build it for less. With the free standing Patriot Display, you can offer your customers a way to build their own without sacrificing quality or paying a premium. Now you can meet the demand and create an AR profit center for your store.

Patriot Display and Build Kits for Gun Dealers

A Single Vendor for All Your AR Parts

Frustrated by dealing with multiple suppliers for different parts?

Tired of waiting for international orders to make it to your store?

Lacking the time to meet the growing demand for AR builds?

We've got you covered

Patriot Display and Refills

Free-standing, mobile pop-up display. Easily transported, self-service station that catches the attention of your customers. 

All items labeled with MSRP (option to sell below that price point). 

No MOQ for re-orders. 

Turns 2+ sq. ft. of unused floor space into profit. 
AR Parts Display

AR Parts

  • 3 Top-Selling Handguard Series
  • Drop-in Triggers
  • Muzzle Devices
  • Gas Blocks
  • Foregrips
  • Handstops
  • Uppers
AR PArts

AR Build Kits

Everything but the lower.

Sell your customer pre-packaged build kits for rifles, pistols, and A2 upgrades.

Kits have multiple handguard and muzzle device options, with additional add-ons if desired.

Sell the kits, host a build class, and tap into the AR builder community in your local area.
Build Kits

American-Made Quality AR Parts
At Prices You and Your Customers Can Afford

Bowden Tactical is proud to manufacture high-quality parts at value-driven prices in the heart of the “Rust Belt”. Historically, America has led the world by building. Many people think that we as a country have lost the ability to make things, but for the last 70 years Bowden has been manufacturing from right here in Willoughby, Ohio.

In the new global economy we know that we need to be able to produce the best for less.

With Bowden, you get high-quality AR parts at prices lower than you will see anywhere else for premium products.

How to Get Bowden Tactical Parts

Order AR parts direct from the USA so you can stand out while staying fully stocked.

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Downlad the Product Catalog to see the full inventory of ar parts

What Our Store Owners Are Saying

Josh Gregory, TGC Outdoors

We have been searching for years for a company to manufacture custom handguards for our brand.  Bowden was able to quickly and easily bring our ideas to life.  These handguards look great, they’re lightweight, and the fit and finish is outstanding!  Bowden far exceeded our expectations.


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