Retail Solutions from Bowden Tactical

PATRIOT Retail Displays

We are partnering with firearm shop owners and dealers to fill your shelves with high-quality, US-manufactured gun parts at affordable prices. Your customers don’t want to just scroll through products online, they want to hold and feel the parts in their hands and walk out of your store with the items they need to upgrade their AR.

With our new retail displays, you can showcase our top-quality parts right in your shop.

  • Best-selling CORNERSTONE, FOUNDATION and AR-V Series
  • Parametric Triggers
  • Muzzle Devices-Flash Can, Flash Hider, Muzzle Brakes
  • Gas Blocks-Standard and Adjustable
  • Direct Mount M-LOK Angled Foregrips
  • Direct Mount M-LOK Micro Handstops
  • Billet Upper
patriot display front

Your customers want to upgrade the products you are selling them. Now you can sell them the upgrade right from your store.

No more empty shelves

No waiting on shipping

No more window shopping

Patriot Retail Display
  • Free-standing, mobile pop-up display.

  • Easily transported, self-service station that catches the attention of your customers.

  • All cartons labeled with MSRP and UPC Code.

  • No MOQ for re-orders.

  • Turns 2+ sq. ft. of unused floor space into sales and profits.

  • All items produced and stocked in Ohio.


Bowden Tactical is Your US-Based Manufacturing Partner for Quality AR Parts

We’re here to support your growing business with the parts you need! Fill out the form and we will contact you with next steps for getting a Bowden Tactical retail display in your shop.