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Bowden Tactical Shot Show 2021 Signature Design Give Away!​

Work through your ideal handgaurd look with the Bowden team. Whether you have a specific idea or have seen something you like, we help you define your design options to create your new signature design!

From Screen shots to sample parts, you will see your idea come to life! Together we will go from concept, to 3D model, to sample part, to production ready. We guarantee you will love it before we start building your production run. 

Armed with your new signature look, you will be ready to unleash your design to the world. We know that when you have that differentiated signature look your sales have the potential to go through the roof! 


Our AR-chitect AR15 CORNERSTONE SERIES handguards are designed to be slim and light.
A low cost alternative to foreign sourced handguards. American made quality at an import price.

Through the Architect Foundation Series, we can white label any of our handguards so they have your brand/labeling. 

With the Architect Signature Series, we will bring your designs to life by crafting your own unique handguards. From start to finish, Bowden is here to give you the competitive edge in gun design. 

RESTOCK With the Parts You Need

When stock is low and the shelves are empty, Bowden Tactical is your source for AR parts at a reasonable price. We’re here to support your growing business, whether that means restocking with the parts you need or setting yourself apart with a Signature design. With Bowden Tactical you can be assured that your parts will ship in days (not months) from manufacturers based right here in the USA.

Why fight it out for room on a cargo ship?
Why pay exorbitant prices for inferior products?

You can wait in line behind boats full of PPE or you can order the parts you need direct from the USA. Plus, Bowden provides the right Handguard for your business so you can stand out, while staying fully stocked.

Become A Wholesaler

From “designed” to “delivered” in as little as 3 months.

Order Direct

Get your new look with as little as 50-pieces ordered!

Sell It In Your Shop

We won’t manufacture until you love your look.