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Everything but the lower in a single, high-quality package for your customers.

Do More Than Sell AR Parts

pistol build kit
Completed AR Pistol Build Kit

✔ A Single Kit for AR15 Rifle and Pistol Builds

✔ Save Time Sourcing Parts From Different Suppliers

✔ Tap Into the Local AR Builder Community

✔ Drive an Average $35k in Additional Annual Revenue With AR Build Classes

Sell The Experience of Building Your Own AR

Your customers are searching for AR parts. It’s more affordable, more personalized, and simply more fun to build your own AR; the growth of this DIY method is evident in the industry. As a firearms dealer, you need to be able to meet this demand through high-quality, competitively priced AR rifle and pistol parts available in your store.

But, your customers don’t want a shopping list – they want the complete package. Now, you can give them everything they need to build their own AR from a single, trusted, American supplier.

Build Kit Options

Low MSRP | Everything But the Lower | American-Made

AR15 Rifle Kits

13" or 15" Handguard

Forged Upper • Upper Parts Kit • BCG • Charging Handle • Rifle Barrel • Gas Tube • Gas Block-Standard • Cornerstone Handguard • Flash Hider • Iron Sights • Rifle Buffer Tube Assy Rifle Butt Stock • Lower Parts Kit • Magazine

pistol build kit

AR15 Pistol Kits

7" or 10" Handguard

Forged Upper • Upper Parts Kit • BCG • Charging Handle • Pistol Barrel • Gas Tube • Gas Block-Standard • Cornerstone Handguard • Flash Hider • Iron Sights •  Lower Parts Kit • Magazine • Rifle Buffer Tube Assy • M-LOK Direct Mount Angled Foregrip


Earn an Average $35k in additional revenue with monthly AR Build Classes

Build Kits are the building blocks to taking your business to the next level! Not only do you have built-in profit with the low MSRP and markup potential, but you also have a natural opportunity to see a lower with every kit, upsell AR upgrade accessories, and even host AR build classes. 

These local events are run by a gunsmith or trained AR builder. They can last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours and range from $200 and up. You set the price, the time-frame, and the build type: rifle, pistol, upgrade, etc. 

Want to see how much you could be earning by selling build kits and incorporating monthly build classes? 

"It's Like Build-A-Bear... For Adults."

Beyond the profit, AR Build Kits and Classes set your store apart. 

  • Create Confident Gun Owners: As new gun owners continue to make up a significant percentage of your customer base, do your part to ensure they understand how their AR works by giving them the parts and the guidance to build it themselves. This familiarity takes away uncertainty and makes them safer, more confident gun owners. 
  • Open Up Your Space Beyond Normal Retail Hours: Build Classes allow you to engage your customers beyond your normal shopping hours. With these after-hour build classes, you can bring in new faces, create better connections with your regulars, and make it easy for them to invite their friends. 
  • Utilize Your Range: What comes after a build? Range time, of course, If your store has a range attached, build classes offer a natural path to booking range time for these new builders to test out their rifle or pistol. 

The Rogue Banshee Reviews the Bowden Tactical AR15 Build Kit

Create a New Revenue Stream This Year

See How You Can Earn by Holding AR Build Classes with AR*chitect Build Kits!

Example – Holding 1 Build Class with 10 People per month:
    – AR*chitect Build Kit – $759.95 Sell Price ($545.95 Cost)
    – Lower Receiver – $100.00 Sell Price ($50.00 Cost) – From Your Stock
    – Build Class – $99.00 Sell Price ($21.00 Cost) – Your Instructors


Build Class x 10 people x 12 months =

$923.95 per Person Sell Price ($600.95 Cost) $323.00 Profit per Person
    Sales for the Class – $9,589.50
    Cost for the Class – $6,009.50
    Profit for the Class – $3,420.00

Sales for the Year – $110,874.00
    Cost for the Year – $72,114.00
    Profit for the Year – $41,040

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